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WWSIS „Horyzont” also offers undergraduate studies (BSc/BEng) in English. Currently, you can study two programmes with English as the language of instruction: Computer Science and Bioinformatics. All the lectures, classes and workshops are taught in English by renowned Polish and international experts in the field. Studies in the English language open many doors, providing you with countless professional opportunities. English is a lingua franca for IT experts and computer scientists all over the world. A graduate of such studies is considered a welcome asset by international companies in Poland and abroad. Studying in English also gives you an excellent opportunity to make international contacts and to get to know people from different cultural backgrounds (e.g. from India, China, Canada or Eastern Europe). So, if you want to study in a truly international environment, go for Computer Science or Bioinformatics in English!

You may also want to take into account the fact that our Computer Science and Bioinformatics programmes in English are price-competitive in comparison with similar offers in Western Europe or the USA.

The tuition fee is only 785 Zloty per month, the registration fee – 100 Zloty. In other words, you can get your money’s worth studying in English at WWSIS „Horyzont”.

Besides, you can also benefit from our special offer – studying a second major for only 80% of the tuition fee! Every new student enrolling in a program, or already enrolled in the programs of Computer Science, Automatics and Robotics or Bioinformatics, who decides to study a second major will pay only 80% of the standard fee.

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