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The faculty was established in 2015. Its dean is Beata Laszkiewicz, PhD and its staff consists of lecturers and practitioners with extensive experience.

The faculty currently offers first-cycle (bachelor of engineering) and second-cycle (master’s) studies. Education is provided in full-time and part-time studies.

Automation and Robotics is the second leading profile of the university, constantly modernized and adapted to the needs of the external environment.

The general objectives of education are focused on providing students with knowledge of automation and robotics as well as the development and consistent improvement of practical skills, especially in the field of a selected specialization. Priority was also given to the development of social competences, which are necessary for the implementation of tasks related to work in the automation and robotics sector in project teams, often of a multidisciplinary and multicultural nature. These goals also emphasize the need to deepen the awareness of self-education and systematic improvement of qualifications resulting from the dynamic development of the entire broadly defined automation and robotics sector and its specificity.

The progressive dissemination of automation and robotics on production lines, in transport and other branches of the economy, generates a large and constantly growing demand for specialists with various competencies, especially in Lower Silesia, where the high demand for automation and robotics staff results from the business specificity of Wrocław, which is becoming increasingly more often the final location for innovative companies from the industrial sector (production plants, warehouse and logistics centres, research and development centres). The scale of operations of globally known industry companies and the interest of many other foreign investors allow predicting a further increase in demand for people with appropriate competencies in the automation and robotics industry. Professions such as electronics, automation and robotics specialist or industrial and production engineer are still in short supply – this means that graduates of this field of study will not run out of work for a long time.

Education at the 1st degree of the Automation and Robotics studies is carried out in the field of Mobile robots, Information technologies in automation and Control of technological processes.

At the second degree of studies, we offer the following specializations: Automation and robotization of technological processes and Industrial Internet of Things. Master’s studies are addressed to people who have completed higher engineering studies or equivalent (first-cycle studies).

We currently offer Automatics and Robotics studies only in Polish.


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