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We are the Technical Academy of Informatics in Applied Sciences

We are happy to announce that our college has fulfilled all the criteria of the Ministry of Science and Education for the status of an academy of applied sciences. Thus we are soon going to part with our current name as well as the familiar abbreviation (WWSIS). In response to the dynamic growth and the introduction of new programs such as Automation and Robotics (undergraduate and graduate) or Bioinformatics (undergraduate), we have decided to call ourselves the Technical Academy of Informatics in Applied Sciences, which better reflects the current profile of our college. We thank the Ministry of Science and Education for their support and fruitful cooperation. We will continue to post updated information about our academy’s ongoing changes.

Be at the forefront of technology and science – study Bioinformatics in English!

Bioinformatics is one of the fastest-growing interdisciplinary fields today. This should come as no surprise; we are witnessing a revolution in biological sciences – a rapidly developing subject area in which collecting and processing information using software tools becomes increasingly important.

If you look up bioinformatics on the web you’ll read that it is a field of science that combines computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering to analyze and interpret biological data, especially those from genome sequences and functional genomics. True, but at WWSIS „Horyzont” Bioinformatics in English is more than that. It is, in a manner of speaking, an „Informatics-Plus” program. In other words, you get all the knowledge and practical know-how of a CS major plus additional expertise in biological and medical sciences. This formidable combination increases your employability prospects. Needless to say, studying such a relevant field in English makes your studies… well, doubly relevant. So, if your English is good enough, we urge you to consider Bioinformatics in English at WWSIS „Horyzont”.

Intensive Polish courses – for everyone!

So, you want to study in Poland but your Polish is not so hot? No problem. Our Academic Preparatory School offers 2-semester intensive courses of Polish that will prepare you for studies at any university or college in Poland. For more information go to: https://horyzont.eu/en/school/intensive-language-courses/

To foreigners who already study at Wroclaw School of Information Technology „Horyzont” we offer:

  • free Polish language course (at least 10 students required)
  • help in finding accommodation,
  • assistance in finding a job / internship / apprenticeship.

Why study at WWSIS „Horizon” in Wroclaw? Our teachers, our students, their parents, and experts in the field see us as one of the best private colleges in the region.

  • We offer courses – undergraduate Automation and Robotics, undergraduate (BSc and BEng) and second degree (MSc) in Computer Science.
  • Our goal is to train competitive and qualified graduates and prepare them for the challenges of the modern market at home and abroad.
  • Curricula in particular departments are designed according to national educational standards approved by the government.
  • Our faculty consists of highly qualified experts in their fields.
  • Foreign language courses at our college are of the highest quality at all levels.
  • Our students have the opportunity to complete part of their studies or student training in the European Union in the framework of the Erasmus+ program.
  • For computer science students we offer additional makeup courses in mathematics ‒ math is easy with us!
  • Our students can take advantage of many forms of financial aid.
  • We have a virtual electronic dean’s office.
  • There is wireless Internet access on our premises.
  • We organize prestigious courses within Cisco Academy. For our students Cisco I is in the program at no extra charge.
  • Our school is the only higher education institution in Europe that organizes Fluke Networks courses.
  • We organize postgraduate professional courses funded by the European Union.
  • We have well-equipped specialist laboratories and constantly modernize them.
  • We are student-friendly.
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