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Our students are eligible for the following types of financial assistance:

1. Need-based Financial Aid – available to any student whose financial resources are insufficient to cover their educational costs.
Need-based financial aid is granted each academic year for the period of 9 months (from October through June) on the basis of the family’s joint income for the fiscal year preceding the application submission. Need-based aid is available to all students, regardless of their studies’ mode (full-time or part-time). 
Students whose financial resources are insufficient to cover their educational costs and who are enrolled in full-time studies are eligible for increased need-based financial aid to cover the costs of accommodation in a student dormitory or elsewhere. 

2. The Rector’s Scholarship for the best students – available to any student with a high grade average for the academic year preceding the application submission or with an outstanding academic, artistic, or athletic performance record. 

3. Special Grant for the Physically Challenged – available to any student with disability officially confirmed by a medical practitioner. The grant is awarded following the student’s application submitted on campus. 

4. Allowance – a form of the non-refundable, emergency relief effort.
An allowance is available to any student who has found himself/herself in temporary financial difficulties, in particular as a result of theft, flood, fire, serious illness in the family, death of a close family member (parent, sibling, spouse, child), loss of job on the student’s or family member’s part. 


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