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Graduate/Master studies

Graduate studies are a natural continuation of your education process preparing you for the ever-growing challenges of the labour market. They are also a gateway to postgraduate studies and doctoral research.

Our Graduate School offers a variety of Computer Science programs training highly-qualified specialists in the following fields:

  • modelling, analyzing and updating computer systems,
  • applying information technology to computer graphics and telecommunications,
  • applying and updating digital image processing algorithms,
  • design, configuration and implementation of computer tools in telecommunications,
  • creating web-based applications,
  • generating images and data visualizations through the latest computer technologies,
  • designing and programming computer games,
  • creating computer animations.

Graduates of our CS Master’s Program will have not only reviewed and strengthened their undergraduate computer science credentials, but also acquired new skills and competences as far as software problem solving, preparing, implementing and verifying IT projects, or using computer tools in practice are concerned. CS Master’s program graduates know how to engage in professional discussions and voice their own opinions on particular CS problems. Besides, CS Master’s Program graduates are experts in one of the three specializations currently on the curriculum. Comprehensively educated in broadly-conceived Computer Science, they can quickly absorb the latest developments in the fields of computation theory and its practical applications.

Students can choose from a variety of special programs aimed at equipping them with selected professional skills.

Currently, our Graduate School offers three such specializations:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Networks and Telecommunications Systems
  • Programming

The above specializations come with a variety of extracurricular classes (e.g. CISCO) aimed at expanding the students’ knowledge and honing their practical skills. It should be emphasized that the classes are taught in state-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest software (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Git, MS Visio, MS Project, Adobe Creative Suite, 3ds Max, CAD, Maple, and Matlab). All our graduate programs come with extensive foreign language courses, specifically adapted to the needs of a given specialization. Besides, our students have an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the fields of socio-economic sciences, such as academic entrepreneurship or the legal aspects of computer science. Last but not least, our students can make the most of internships in renowned IT companies.

To keep pace with the changing demands of the labour market, we update our list of specialization programs regulary – thus meeting the expectations of prospective students.

The duration of graduate studies for the Master of Computer Science degree is:

  • 4 semesters (full-time studies),
  • 4 semesters (part-time/weekend studies)

Computer Graphics (graduate/Master studies) – this specialization aims to familiarize students with different types of media and their diverse applications by teaching them how to integrate graphics, text, sound, and animation, thus enabling them to develop practical skills currently much sought-for in the industrial and service sectors. This graduate program produces experts with practical know-how and solid theoretical knowledge in the fields of state-of-the-art computer technology used for generating images and data visualization (also in non-technological fields such as medicine or biology). The curriculum focuses on computer-generated processing and analysis of digital images, digital image projection, building web applications, generating high-quality images of 2- and 3-dimensional objects on the computer screen, animation, computer games programming, and creating advanced CAD projects. Our forte is well-equipped, ultra-modern computer labs.

Computer Networks and Telecommunications Systems (graduate/Master studies) – a perfect choice for those already working with or intending to work with network infrastructure, with a particular focus on designing, configuration and implementations, as well as applying computer science tools in telecommunications. The curriculum includes, inter alia, the modelling and analysis of computer systems, information networks technology, the latest trends in broadband networks, the security and reliability of computer and information networks, designing distributed systems, backbone networks, telecommunications networks and systems, and designing telecommunications services. Our forte are well-equipped, ultra-modern computer labs (Cisco, Fluke), ideal for extensive hands-on honing of practical skills.

Programming (graduate/Master studies) – a specialization addressed to students interested in acquiring practical skills in the fields of software engineering and broadly-conceived computer science. The curriculum focuses on creating practical computer solutions based on the latest programming languages and technologies. Students will also sharpen their object-oriented programming skills, broaden their knowledge of advanced database systems, and practice building web applications or programming computer games. Besides, they will learn about computer network security and managing computer projects facilitating teamwork. The program’s graduates will have acquired substantial skills in creating, developing, and implementing computer systems, which will secure their good standing on the increasingly competitive labour market.

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