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When planning your studies, one of the key aspects to consider is accommodation. For many students, the dormitory becomes a second home, so choosing the right place of residence can significantly affect the comfort and quality of life during studies. In this article, we will introduce you to various accommodation options, especially dormitories.

Student Depot

Student Depot is a private dormitory located in the western part of the city, about 10 minutes by public transport from the market square and about 20 minutes by public transport to WWSIS. The dormitory offers 494 places in single, high-standard studio apartments. Each room is furnished and has a private bathroom and kitchenette.


  • High-speed Internet. Available in the room and common areas of the dormitory.
  • Free fitness zone. Exclusively for dorm residents
  • Utilities included. You won’t be surprised by your water or electricity bill.
  • 24/7 protection. You and your belongings are safe with us.
  • Work&chill zone. Common areas for learning and playing.
  • Good localization. It will only take you 20 minutes to get to the university.

Find out more or check out available options on the website. Prywatny Akademik Wrocław – Student Depot

Pepe Housing

Pepe Housing is an international rental property platform for students, expats and young professionals . We actively assist in finding convenient, high quality and equipped apartments in a new city.

As an Erasmus Student Network official partner for Erasmus+ students accommodation in Poland, Pepe Housing is a trusted partner in the process of searching for quality accommodation in convenient locations in Wroclaw. Pepe Housing carefully chooses the landlords and makes sure that all the flats and rooms are equipped with basic furniture and other necessary items. The company also makes sure that your arrival to Poland is safe and not stressful. You can rent all rooms and flats offered by Pepe Housing fully online, and the company ensures that the booking is fast and secure. Pepe Housing team is happy to answer all possible questions you may have and assist you in finding an appropriate accommodation in Poland.

WWSIS „Horyzont” students are welcome to use the „HORYZONT” promo code, which entitles them to a 10% discount for the booking fee. The code must be used during the booking process.

Pepe Housing website:

Apartments for rent in Wroclaw:

Contact with Pepe Housing team:

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