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Do you want to study Computer Science in English?

We have good news for you….


  • online recruitment;
  • registration fee;
  • free-of-charge preparatory courses in mathematics, information technology, physics, chemistry, and English;
  • studies in English.


Our students can:

  • take part in numerous programmes enhancing occupational skills (free-of-charge CCNA and Fluke Networks certificates);
  • participate in the ERASMUS+ international exchange programme;
  • follow their passions and interests in student research clubs;
  • broaden their knowledge through open lectures.


The Wrocław School of Information Technology is a combination of the following:

  • three study programmes in Polish and two in English;
  • experienced academic staff;
  • high quality of education in each programme confirmed by a positive evaluation by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA);
  • computer labs and other specialized laboratories.


Don’t wait. Enrol today!

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