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Automatics and Robotics

NEW Major Level offered specialisations Automatics and Robotics undergraduate studies, specialties: Mobile robots Information technologies in automatics Undergraduate studies in the case of Automatics and Robotics major will last in total: 7 semesters for the stationary (daytime) program, 8 semesters for the non-stationary (weekend) program   Wroclaw School of Information Technology will enable education to the students in the form...

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Faculty of Informatics – specialties

Undergraduate studies – specialities Programming: The central goal of this specialization at the undergraduate level is to familiarize students with major programming environments and tools. As a result, students acquire the skills and expertise necessary for advanced and effective application of the C++ programming language and understand this language’s object-oriented nature. Familiar with the polymorphism principle in object-oriented programming, the...

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Wrocławska Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki Stosowanej ks. Marcina Lutra 4 Street 54-239 Wrocław Poland phone (71) 799-19-37 ext. 22, 23 fax: (71) 799-19-37 ext. 23 phone (71) 788-94-25 ext. 22, 23 fax: (71) 788-94-25 ext. 23 e-mail: dziekanat@horyzont.eu Dean’s Office – room 2.09

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Forms of financial assistance

Our students are eligible for the following types of financial assistance: 1. Need-based Financial Aid – available to any student whose financial resources are insufficient to cover their educational costs. Need-based financial aid is granted each academic year for the period of 9 months (from October through June) on the basis of the family’s joint income for the...

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Computer Science: Graduate/Master studies

Graduate/Master studies Graduate studies are a natural continuation of your education process preparing you for the ever-growing challenges of the labour market. They are also a gateway to postgraduate studies and doctoral research. Our Graduate School offers a variety of Computer Science programs training highly-qualified specialists in the following fields: modelling, analyzing and updating computer systems, applying information technology to computer...

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The mission of the WWSIS

The mission of the Wroclaw School of Information Technology „Horyzont” is to: educate students as part of programmes offered by the school and taking into account the most recent demands of the job market in the country, especially in Lower Silesia, teach specialist knowledge in connection with practical skills, develop in students qualities such as openness, broad horizons, ability to adapt to the changing...

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Faculty of Informatics

About the Faculty The Faculty of Informatics was created in 2004 as the first faculty of Wroclaw School of Information Technology (WWSIS). Our teaching staff includes prominent scholars of international renown – full professors, assistant professors, and PhDs. Our Dean is Ryszarda Getko, PhD. Our Faculty’s Graduate Studies Program in Informatics and Computer Science was officially accredited by the...

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