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Documents required – studies in Polish

Online recruitment (recommended) Step 1: Go to the registration page. Step 2: After completing the registration, log in. Step 3: Fill out and print the recruitment form. Step 4: Pay the registration fee to the account number provided in the printouts tab. Step 5: Print the payment confirmation from the bank. Prepare 1 photo of the ID...

6 sierpnia 202310 sierpnia 2023

Tuition fees

Bioinformatics first degree engineering studies with English as the language of instruction Tuition fees for full-time and part-time studies are: Year of studies Each semester Yearly I 7 023,00 zł (1 589,00 EUR, 1 744,00 USD)* 14 046,00 zł (3 179,00 EUR, 3 489,00 USD)* II 5 139,00 zł (1 193,00 EUR, 1 276,00 USD)* 10...

6 sierpnia 20236 sierpnia 2023

Faculty of Bioinformatics – specialties

Virtual reality methods in bioinformatics The aim of this speciality is to provide required knowledge about modern tools used in creating multimedia using virtual and augmented reality and about solutions used to integrate virtual reality with existing IT systems for the needs of broadly defined bioinformatics. Biological data analysis and processing This speciality enables students to acquire knowledge...

6 czerwca 201727 kwietnia 2022

Faculty of Bioinformatics

Be at the forefront of technology and science – study Bioinformatics in English! Bioinformatics is one of the fastest-growing interdisciplinary fields today. This should come as no surprise; we are witnessing a revolution in biological sciences – a rapidly developing subject area in which collecting and processing information through software tools becomes increasingly important. If you look up...

6 czerwca 201727 kwietnia 2022
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